Life Goes By


Halloween was my favourite holiday for a long time. Probably for the longest period of the time I’ve had favourite holidays.

Now I don’t think I do anymore; have a favourite. They all just kind of go by without me noticing. I mean, the ones that make a long weekend, I notice. But even then, it’s mostly in terms of what’s still open, store-wise, and occasionally seeing if I can do a thing or two for myself on one of my days off.

I experimented with giving myself additional long weekends from work this past summer, and pretty much failed completely at making them work in my favour. So even those aren’t as great as they used to be in that sense. Holidays that everyone gets are usually worse, somehow.

And even though it’s Halloween and not a day off kind of holiday, the fun seems to be gone from it, for me. I’m not even excited about cheap candy day tomorrow, because I can’t afford any even then.

However, did a pretty great interview with an actor from Star Trek that we’d never met before. He was very awesome, and friendly, and not at all difficult on the eyes! AND we scored new Star Trek mugs! What?! So much fun, and a nice break in an otherwise Monday-y morning!

I got to put my feet up for a bit yesterday. Not at all as much as I needed to, but still…it helped. Especially with Flynn, who is still sick today but seemed to be in a good mood yesterday, just because I was around more. I haven’t been home much lately, and it’s taken a toll on all of us, I think. Even Brody was bringing me his ball to play with last night, something he hasn’t done in months! It’s good to feel like my company is wanted and appreciated, and I try to make sure they know that I want and appreciate theirs, as well.

I even got a couple of important tasks done, though the laundry is piling up again, and I am not sure when I’ll have the chance to do that. But still, the things I did accomplish are good, and hopefully positive steps moving forward.

We’ll see. I’m going nowhere fast, but after Friday and Saturday were big enough that I haven’t had time to fully process them yet even now, I feel like I did still manage to get a bit of a break yesterday, and that’s the main thing, I guess. Sometimes even a little bit of something positive is better than nothing at all. Not enough to balance out the overwhelming-ness of everything else – not even close – but I’m halfway through today and still going, so that’s something.

My Sunday

I am sore and tired and desperately need to lie down, but wanted to mention how cool today’s volunteer shift was.  Instead of heading to the shelter as per usual, I was given the opportunity to help at the Canadian Fall Pet Expo for the day.

Well, it was intended to be just a few hours, but I ended up staying all day, and left after the show closed, even though I felt guilty about not helping to pack up.  I didn’t get a chance to eat or see the rest of the show, and was on my feet the whole time, so my body is super angry right now, and I think one knee might be swollen.


I spent the first few hours in an enclosure with wee rabbits, Guinea pigs and a sweet silky chicken whom I now adore.  I was sure she was getting tired of me picking her up so people could pet her – and eventually I started to give her longer breaks – but she tolerated it all like a champ.  And now I’ve successfully picked up and held a chicken, which I’d never done before!

The second part of my day was spent manning the door for the kangaroo enclosure.  Once I got the hang of better judging when there were enough/too many people in there, I think it went pretty smoothly.  After the show closed I asked if I could go in and pet him (Tigger the red kangaroo) for a minute, too, and ended up hanging out and having an amazing talk with the volunteer about him, and learned a ton whilst petting his soft chill self (he was reclining in his bed by that point).

So now I’ve also pet a kangaroo, in addition to holding a chicken.

There were a billion dogs there, and at one point near the end of e day, a pig came around wearing a GoPro mounted on its harness.  You just don’t see that every day.

I even found my bus stop after without too much difficulty, and grabbed some McD’s for Brody and I on the way home.

Now I just have to do a few more (hopefully) quick things and go to bed.  Tomorrow is another crazy long day, and my cold is still on the down-slide.  😳

Still…I pet a kangaroo and made friends with a chicken.  That was my Sunday.


Today was a bit different from my days off in recent weeks.  Everything has been so busy – and it still is – but I’ve been so focused on getting to yesterday, and giving my mom her present, that suddenly not having that to do meant that I could re-focus on other things.

And I did.

It’s weird because I kind of feel like I got nothing done, yet I know I’ve done quite a bit.  And either way, for the first time in a while, I’m okay with it.

I went back to sleep after taking the dog out in the morning, I had weird dreams, I made breakfast when I got up, and started watching stuff off my PVR.  I also fit in one of the Hot Docs screeners I’ve been sent.  Brody and I went for a longer walk because it wasn’t too hot out, but not remotely cold, either.  I got groceries, made lunches for the next three work days, washed the dishes and the cats’ water fountain, brushed Brody’s handsome hair, talked to my wonderful friend on the phone, reconnected with a few ideas I’ve been wanting to start into, and had a pretty amazing dinner.

It’s still light out but I am back in pj’s watching TV. I’m tired but not overly so, which is also different from recent weeks.  And thanks to my awesome little bro, I’m starting to research laptops, which is kinda fun, I must admit.

All in all, not a bad Sunday.