Not sure what I’m talking about today. I don’t really feel very well, physically, and mentally/emotionally, I’m just not feeling today at all. Haha

Yesterday’s post about my Star Wars jacket got me feeling all nostalgic. I was even looking at it again last night, hanging out in my living room’s sweet display. So much awesome nerdy stuff, I have! Prop replicas, toys, trading cards, memorabilia, autographed stuff, some old money and odd coins and souvenir plates and the like. Programs and ticket stubs from theatrical productions and concerts I’ve attended over the years. Scrapbooks, including one I made largely of old clippings from Starweek, the Toronto Star’s TV Guide. Also an abundance of stuffies more recently acquired at the zoo.

Hoping my latest mailing from The Mysterious Package Company arrives soon. Last time it got lost in the mail and had to be re-sent. I love mail, so I hate when mine doesn’t arrive!

I used to have a spoon collection, as a kid. It started because my grandma had one, and she had a spoon commemorating the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana (nee Lady Diana Spencer), which I admired so greatly that she gave it to me. I got a little spoon rack and hung my one spoon on it…and it kind of exploded from there.

It was an easy gift to give me, and something that I spent the next several years getting for myself as souvenirs from various places or special events. I ended up with a ton more Royal spoons, and spoons from pretty much everywhere we went in England on our high school band trip. I had spoons from other people’s trips, even. They’re everywhere, and so very shiny!

I had more spoons than room on the racks I also picked up over the years. When I stopped trying to display them, I packed them away in not the greatest of storage scenarios, but even then, I would often pull them out and go through them, always being surprised by the ones I’d forgotten I had, but always enjoying the rediscovered memories behind them.

Now, a good decade after we’d moved from the house in which I grew up, I have no idea where they currently reside. I’m fairly certain I don’t have them in the city with me, but I’m also fairly certain I actually packaged them up differently for the move, and I can’t for the life of me remember what I did, specifically. I don’t think I would have left them at my mom’s, but at the same time, my vinyl collection was still there until recently, and I don’t know why I didn’t just bring my records with me when I brought everything else from the house. So maybe there is somehow more of my things there, in the garage, or something. Or maybe they are so cleverly packed that I have them and just haven’t come across them yet, depsite moving a couple of times and having a vague memory of going through everything one time looking specifically for the spoons.

Maybe I should do that again, just in case.

I wish I could just Google where I put them.