Catch-Up Notes

Couple of things…

I had some really tough conversations last week. Tough for me, anyway. I struggled to be real and present in each one, and am fairly confident that I succeeded each time. It was difficult, but entirely worth it. I’m hoping to be able to keep that up, at least with each of the parties involved. One was with my therapist, so obviously I want to maintain that level of work between us as much as possible. One was with one of my best friends. And one was with someone new in my life.

All required different things from me, of course, but one were very easy for me, and I’m glad I didn’t let that stop me from having them. Definitely a good, positive step, all in all.

I volunteered yesterday, as usual. The gang was pretty much all there, and we worked well together, so tasks were completed quickly. That left a little extra time to spend with the animals, which basically made me feel like I’d really done little actual work at all. I hung with the skunks a bit longer as I spot cleaned their enclosure, etc. Pepe and Flower were out, so that left Sumo, Bambi and Thumper to deal with me being in their space talking to them and such. They did great, despite being somewhat afraid of me. Their curiosity is winning out more and more often now.

I played with Aspen the lynx, I held Cricket the baby kangaroo, I held Hamburglar the ferret briefly (way too much energy, that guy), and a couple of the rats, as well. I hung out in the kangaroo enclosure while they checked me out and Willow the capybara spent a few minutes licking my forearm. And I talked to the birds.

One started doing the Super Grover “near, far” thing, which was new to me, and cracked me up endlessly! Just all on his own, chatting away to himself.

Near….far!!!” hahaha

Maybe the best thing that happened, though, was that the hello birds finally started saying hello to me again. It’s been a couple of months since they spoke directly to me, and I’ve missed it like crazy. It was so good to interact with them again at last!

My heart-breaking but beautiful package arrived for me on Saturday, too. It’s perfect, even though I wish it was for a completely different use.

I’ve been doing some prep work on what I believe will be my next blog. I’m hopeful that it will serve much better than this one has, and be more…just…more.

As always, I guess, we’ll see how it goes.

Spinning Plates, And The Like

Man, last night was fun!

The Mind Reels did our third Old Timey Retro Radio Play episode, and as always, it was a blast! We had five guests, four of whom were doing the read with us for the first time, and one who’s happily been with us every time so far! We had to fiddle with gender roles a bit, as we only had one female guest (and me) but more roles for women than for men (for a change). Luckily, everyone came to play, and the guys decided to keep the roles as female, but played them with a gusto that made the end result even better than I could have possibly imagined! Tim and I also worked out a back-up strategy so that we can get the content posted more quickly ourselves, rather than waiting for it to appear on the Smithee sites (which it will eventually, but we are growing impatient so have a lesser quality version to go up on our sites more quickly – best of both worlds, really), so everyone will get to enjoy the final audio/video read, and just miss the hysterical practice cold-read. So excited to share these with everyone! Thus far all of the guests have been turning in some hilarious performances, and I feel like it’s only getting better as we go along! We may be onto something here!

I giggled all the way home…and then again all the way to work this morning. So much fun, guys!

Also, when I got home last night (after taking care of the critters, of course), I sat down with a Rogers Live Chat agent to sort out my new billing issues now that I’ve upgraded my internet package. Thanks to Cindy in Moncton, NB, that went even better than I’d hoped, as well, and I’m already so pleased with the upgrade that I basically can’t wait to just go online all the time. For everything. It’ll be like second year university when the house we were renting had a BBQ so we literally barbecued everything we could think of for the first few weeks of school that autumn! It’s like a new toy, and I can’t wait to play.

But wait is exactly what I’ll do – for a tad longer. I have other plans tonight. 🙂

I still have a ridiculous amount of things to do, even as I slowly drop potential projects from the list. I have to be so freaking careful with my budget this month, too. Like, every month, but this one especially because of Fan Expo and new Rogers billing and the fact that I can’t quite seem to get any sort of routine down in my every day life. I’m having trouble anticipating upcoming expenditures – even simple things like what I figure I’ll need to spend on groceries for myself and the critters. For some reason, it’s suddenly become a big question mark, even if I don’t buy anything different from last month. I think it’s because there is just SO MUCH going on, and so many changes and decisions and sacrificing some things in favour of others. It’s a constant balancing act, and I haven’t been sleeping much so my mind has a difficult time retaining it all. It does, anyway, but more so in recent weeks. Every time I make a decision between two things, for example, a third thing will crop up and another choice will need to be made.

That’s how it feels to me, at least. Like trying to keep all of my plates spinning on their wee poles – but sometimes forgetting one of them even exists until I notice that it’s about to fall. It’s exciting, but a tad stressful, too. I worry I’ll forget something important one of these days; something I can’t catch in time and rebound back from.

In the meantime, though, I’ll just go get another chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s and try to remain calm and alert. Alert-ish. #sotired

Feed The Bees!


Honey Nut Cheerios is doing a pretty cool thing right now, and not only am I excited to participate in my own small way, but also happy to spread the word about it, as well!

The company has – at least in Canada – removed their bee mascot, Buzz, from their packaging for the first time EVER.  It’s being done as part of an effort to raise awareness about the declining bee populations in our country and around the world. In addition, they have teamed up with Veseys in an attempt to give away 35 million packages of wildflower seeds – for free! The idea is to give away approximately one package of seeds for every Canadian, which would increase the options bees and other pollinators have to do their thing, and hopefully boost the pollinator population overall!

I think it’s an amazing idea, and something I was thinking of trying myself last spring, but just never got around to it. A trip to Dollarama one evening got me all excited about plants and birds and butterflies and bees, so I started researching which kinds of flowers would be best for pollinators, and how to build a bird bath and a bee bath (I’m not allowed to have bird feeders on my balcony – probably for poo reasons – but I think a small bath would be okay), but time just got away from me, as it does, and I never managed to get going on it.

Now, though, I have seeds coming in the mail, and quite an assortment, to boot! With the building going up right outside my window, I’m not certain how much direct sunlight my balcony receives now, but it’s definitely worth a shot! I have cats inside, so I only have one lonely indoor plant kept out of their reach, so the idea of having flowers and plants in general out on my balcony is really appealing to me – especially if they can survive outside year-round. But even if not, I now have an excellent excuse to hit up Dollarama soon and get me some plant stuff, and if anything is still alive by the end of the summer, I’ll figure something out. I’ll also research to see if any of the plants are actually perenials, anyway.

Assuming I can get anything to grow. I mean, I was not blessed with a green thumb. At all. I’ve managed to keep Patty Palm alive for several years now, but she only needs to be watered once a week, and part of her died off long ago, so really I only have half of Patty Palm left. Not a great track record. My mom always had plants in the house. They are great for the air, and for the zen. Cats, however, are not great for plants. Not the cute jerks who live with me, anyway. Hopefully I’ll get some colour growing out on the balcony, and then Patty will be able to see her new friends from her safe spot high up in the apartment. That would be nice.

Anyway, I’ve committed to free seeds. If I then go to Dollarama and commit to plant and garden stuff, then even if I can’t get anything to grow from seed, I’ll be determined to have flowers regardless, so I’ll go buy some that have already started growing! Can’t let Dollarma stuff go to waste, after all! The trick then will be to keep them alive, but hey – one step at a time!

I just wanted to share this because I am excited about it, and if anything actually comes of my bee-feeding attempts, I will likely be posting photos and such here. So you may as well get used to it! 😉

In the meantime, please consider going here and signing up to receive a package of seeds for yourself, as well! Bees are necessary for our very survival – not to mention honey, which is delicious – and even little things like this can make a huge difference. I’m definitely going to have a bee bath or two out, as well. Something shallow, like the lid from a margarine tub, or something, with fresh water and a few small stones or pebbles for bees and butterflies to land on and rest while they drink and bathe.

We have to take care of our pollinators, guys.

Even if you don’t want to use your seeds, send ’em my way! Lord knows I’ll be struggling to grow whatever I can, as it is! I’ll take all the help I can get!