Inventory Day

I was thinking I should start selling houses of cards online – some assembly required.

This is what Inventory Day at work does to me.  Every year.

This was number 16 in a row for me.  And yet, nothing changes.  Or it does, but it generally gets worse.  Apparently we refuse to learn from year to year.

I mean, it’s not rocket surgery.  It’s counting.  Most of us learn that pretty early on in life.  But it’s almost surprising how fried I am by the end of the day each year.  Hell, by the time lunch arrives each year.

I think part of it is the constant struggle to find a work-around for the glitches that come up. Everyone comes to work, even though we all hate it.  We just want to get it done and go home.  But it never ever goes smoothly.  At all.    And no one wants to stand around doing nothing while we wait for it all to get fixed.  So we try to find ways to make it work, as best we can.  I think it’s the near constant struggle to complete simple tasks that burns everyone out every year.  It’s exhausting.

It’s interesting that, even though I’ve now completed 16 counts in a row, I am actually further and further removed from the organization or execution of the event.  Even though I could help to make it go more smoothly, I find I do less and less overall with each passing year.  It’s interesting, but not surprising.

Regardless, another year is done, and I am now home with the fur babies, washing down my anger, frustration and fatigue with some free-pour rum and cokes.

And tomorrow is Monday.