Hope Springs

Yesterday’s main event involved taking Brody to get groomed.  He was in dire need of a bath and a haircut and just an overall fresh start.  I’d fallen way behind on his upkeep, much to my shame, so I’m more determined to not let it get anywhere near that out of control again.  Hard to catch up again once you fall behind, and while he’s not the only thing I am behind on, he is an important one.  Sorry Brodykins.  I’ll try to be a better Mamma Sue in the future.

I’m still not a very good pet mom, but I’m trying to get better.  Definitely trying, but with questionable results, apparently.  Time will tell.

The upside to the day was that I got to kill time with Kristi for the afternoon while Brody was in his very long appointment.  We went to Dollarama so I could grab some paint for an idea I have.  We got flowers and green grapes, then went to this grilled cheese place we’d passed earlier called Millwood Melt.  We ate our insanely delicious lunch outside at a picnic table and enjoyed the sunshine and gentle breeze.

Next up was a trip to Home Sense.  We…may have spent too much money, but was ridiculous good fun wandering around the whole store to make sure we’d checked everything out.  Canadian Tire and Pet Smart were wandered, as well, and I finally remembered to get the puppy a new tag with both of our current phone numbers on it.  Also grabbed some new winter boots for him and Soph, a flea comb to hopefully help maintain the goop that gathers under his eyes, and we found a conditioner that will hopefully help with his itchy skin enough to let me give him a bath more often.

He’d always get so itchy, and the shampoo I have makes it feel like all of the natural oils and stuff are gone from his hair after.  I was considering adding some olive oil or something to it next time, to see if that would help, but now I can see how this conditioner works before I try other things.

Anyway, guilt and shame at being a bad mom aside, it was mostly a really nice day.  Brody had a nap and then we went for a bit of a longer walk once it cooled down outside.  We may have also had some popcorn for dinner.  Made on the stove.  So so good.

I decided to water my wildflower seeds, too.  It had been a few days so I figured it couldn’t hurt.  When I went outside to do so, though, I had the happy surprise of spotting several little green sprouts poking out from the soil!  I’d just been telling Kristi of my tentative plans for “if anything grows” earlier in the day, and almost out of nowhere there are little spots of life springing up on my balcony already!

Now, I realize this doesn’t seem like a big deal to anyone but me, however this, too, is all new to me.  Aside from when I was a child doing such things with my mom (or watching her do them), I’ve never planted a seed on my own before.  I’ve never grown anything from seemingly nothing before.  In my head, I was kind of expecting to just be watering the dirt for a month before giving up and just continuing to try and keep my one plant alive.  I was randomly checking prices for potted wild flowers that are already growing, in case I was really that determined to have flowers on a balcony that barely gets any direct sunlight now that there’s a larger building next door.  I was expecting my seed-planting to go the way of those little boxed grow-your-own-bonsai trees, or something.  I was preparing myself for more failure and disappointment.

I was wrong this time, though.  There is life in that box of dirt; life that I helped put there.  It’s a week old today, and even though I will soon have to spread the little guys out (hopefully without killing them), at the moment, I haven’t failed.  They are growing.  Something I planted – little seeds I put into soil – they’re growing.

Maybe there is hope for me, after all.


Comfort Food

I had to grab a few quick groceries on my way home from work last night, and while I was in the store, I found I needed to stop myself from picking up a box of Kraft Dinner and some hot dogs and combine them to make my lunches for the week. It would have been a throwback to my childhood – I could almost taste the fake cheesy deliciousness, and craved it bad.

In the end, though, I wondered if I’d still crave it as much on Friday as I did on Monday night, so I compromised.

Like so many other things, food can reall spark memories and feelings from long ago. Comfort food can not only take us back, but make us feel a certain way. It can make us feel safe, or cared for, especially when we’re sick. It can make us feel warm inside. Hence the term, really.

Macaroni and hot dogs was a staple when growing up, and in my mind it would still serve very well as comfort food for me today. Though I would do more to it now – add cayenne pepper, maybe some bacon bits or spinach or something, as well. There would be more variety with it than straight up KD and weiners. I haven’t had it in years, but I think even then, with extra flavours added in, it would still serve its purpose on some level.

Chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese, gingerale – those all make me feel better when I have a cold or am generally not feeling great. Breakfast for dinner is still a delightful treat.

In elementary school, I used to eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich pretty much every day for lunch. I think so, anyway. It’s entirely possible I’m just remembering it wrong. But I think my brother and I both ate a lot of them, regardless of the actual daily value. We differed on the kind of honey we liked best, I think. He liked “runny honey” and I preferred creamed honey. Buckwheat honey was a real favourite, so of course it’s difficult to find these days. Not as many buckwhat plants out there feeding the bees anymore. Now it’s a specialty item. Like my beloved honey butter.

Turns out we both prefer our sandwiches cut differently, too. He likes the diagonal, I prefer straight down the middle. Same sandwich, but somehow the cut makes all the difference! Weird how brains mess with us!

Can chips count as comfort food? Because I still totally love them, especially now that I eat them so rarely. Chocolate ice cream is the same – I used to lose my ever loving mind if we ran out of chocolate ice cream and there wasn’t any for me to have when I got home from school. I was the only one who ate it, so it was my fault usually, if I forgot to alert my mom that I’d had the last of it or was running low. I always had to have my bowl of ice cream, which the cat would then lick clean after, of course.

Some foods and beverages have bad memories attached, and that can affect whether or not you grow to like them as an adult. Or like when you get sick on too many screwdrivers and can’t stand the taste of orange juice for a year or two after. Hypothetically.

My mom used to make cool things, too, that I really miss, and sometimes I wonder why I don’t just make them myself now. Like how she’d grill a piece of bread with cheese and bacon on it, then cut it into squared with toothpicks holding it all together into bite-sized bits of heaven. Or what we’d call “logs”, which was toast with a layer of peanut butter, a layer of honey, and then cut length-wise into strips, everything all melting together. Sooo good!

Finally, there was the brown sugar and cinnamon concoction – also on toast. Basically some brown sugar spread on (thinly, since we weren’t aiming to become diabetic or anything) and then cinnamon sprinkled on top. I miss that taste sensation so much!

Of course, I’d weigh 8 billion pounds if I ate like that now.

Why does anyone want to grow up ever when, for the most part, adulting totally sucks?!

What are some of your comfort foods? Mine seem to be based around breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Haha

We didn’t often eat together as a family, though, so that might affect some of my food-related memories, as well. My dinner memories are more related to scent, I think. Like roast beef and potatoes and gravy in the oven.

I think I love food. But my relationship with it has never been very healthy.

I wonder if it’s possible to change that?