Crap I Did Today

Okay, this one is legit going to be really quick, because I’m about to watch the series premiere of The Catch, and I want to pay attention to it.  I’ve been watching TV like a madwoman much of the weekend, and I want to get at least one more in before another work week begins.

Even though this (Easter) is one of my favourite holidays now, I think I did a fairly good job of getting things done, resting, and spending time with friends.  There’s still a pile of things I wish I’d had time to do, but I’m trying to be okay with how my weekend went as a whole.

Today eventually got really beautiful outside!  Brody and I went on two longer-than-workday walks, but even combined they weren’t as long as we used to do.  I think he actually got over-heated a bit on the second one, though.  He drank a lot of water when we got back home!  But we also went to Pet Valu, just to visit, and his favourite girl was working, so he was a treat-filled happy puppy!

I got more work done on my super secret project (it won’t be a secret forever, don’t worry), and a bit of felting done, but not as much as I had hoped.  Mended some things, did dishes, made lunches for work for the next 3 days, and had myself kind of a crazy yet delicious lunch, too.  Of course, there are now more dishes to do, but whatever.  I have to tidy up a bit before Tuesday because they are testing fire alarms in my building that day so they will be entering my apartment and it could stand to at least have a broom pushed around…but I’ll do that tomorrow after work.  I’m tired now, and it’s still light out.

I guess the biggest task I suddenly decided to get out of the way today was taxes!  I filed, just before writing this!  I’d planned to do it this weekend, and then by this afternoon, I was, like, “not gonna happen”.  Then I just did them, anyway.

Now I just have to hope there’s no audit.  ‘Cause those are kind of irritating, I find.  I mean, my taxes are pretty straight-forward, but still.  No one enjoys an audit.

Did you ever see that episode of Roseanne when the Connors were getting their taxes ready to file, and every time someone said the word “audit”, that dramatic duh-duh-DUUHHHH chord would play, and each time the characters on screen would notice it more and more.  Cracks me up just thinking about it!

I loved that show.

It’s the main reason why “crap” is one of my favourite words.  I once spent an entire summer watching reruns of Roseanne and writing down every line that included the word “crap”.  It was brilliant!

I should dig up that list again.  So much fun!