My Sunday

I am sore and tired and desperately need to lie down, but wanted to mention how cool today’s volunteer shift was.  Instead of heading to the shelter as per usual, I was given the opportunity to help at the Canadian Fall Pet Expo for the day.

Well, it was intended to be just a few hours, but I ended up staying all day, and left after the show closed, even though I felt guilty about not helping to pack up.  I didn’t get a chance to eat or see the rest of the show, and was on my feet the whole time, so my body is super angry right now, and I think one knee might be swollen.


I spent the first few hours in an enclosure with wee rabbits, Guinea pigs and a sweet silky chicken whom I now adore.  I was sure she was getting tired of me picking her up so people could pet her – and eventually I started to give her longer breaks – but she tolerated it all like a champ.  And now I’ve successfully picked up and held a chicken, which I’d never done before!

The second part of my day was spent manning the door for the kangaroo enclosure.  Once I got the hang of better judging when there were enough/too many people in there, I think it went pretty smoothly.  After the show closed I asked if I could go in and pet him (Tigger the red kangaroo) for a minute, too, and ended up hanging out and having an amazing talk with the volunteer about him, and learned a ton whilst petting his soft chill self (he was reclining in his bed by that point).

So now I’ve also pet a kangaroo, in addition to holding a chicken.

There were a billion dogs there, and at one point near the end of e day, a pig came around wearing a GoPro mounted on its harness.  You just don’t see that every day.

I even found my bus stop after without too much difficulty, and grabbed some McD’s for Brody and I on the way home.

Now I just have to do a few more (hopefully) quick things and go to bed.  Tomorrow is another crazy long day, and my cold is still on the down-slide.  😳

Still…I pet a kangaroo and made friends with a chicken.  That was my Sunday.


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