I’m pretty exhausted, but have had a fairly excellent weekend thus far.  Hang time and beers and things with my buddy yesterday, a few chores done, transplanted some of my wildflower seedlings into a second container to give them some space.  We’ll see if they thrive or if I’ve murdered the poor little guys.  Brody and I went for a longer-than-usual walk earlier and spent a few minutes at the pet store, which he loved.

Got my latest mailing from MPC on Friday and, even though I haven’t had a chance to go through every detail yet, it’s pretty frakking epic so far!  Holy Hannah!

I made yet more notes for Mind Reels stuff yesterday, too, and I am excited to hopefully get things rolling this week!  Like…really excited.  It’s all occupying quite a bit of my brain, actually.

I also have been making notes for how to update the plot points of Carving The Light (my first novel) for when I try to write a screenplay version of it.  I find that process is a little stop-and-start, but I also think it’s a good thing.  I make a bunch of notes, then leave it sit for a day, then go back and fix some of the things that still weren’t sitting right.  Maybe if I get to a point where there aren’t anymore of those sensations, I’ll be able to start writing.  No rush yet, but the fact that I keep going back to it without forcing myself is pretty amazing to me!

Brody really wants to go back out, so I’l end this now.

More tomorrow.



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