Sometimes stupid things make me cry.

Like, I watched the movie Daddy’s Home because it was free, and even though it’s not good, I was still I tears by the end.  I also laughed out loud a couple of times, so there’s that, but still.  While I clearly have issues that I should get down to dealing with at some point – probably in therapy – it never ceases to actually amaze me some of the things that sneak up on me and set me off.

In other news, I got some things done around here today – my entire to do list for the weekend and more – and I am pretty stoked about that!  Less exciting is the dumb mystery pain in my left side.  Today it’s chilling in my hip.  Annoying as hell.

Brody and I narrowly escaped a soaking earlier by deciding NOT to go around the block, and he was very patient with me all day, so some peanut butter-flavoured yogurt was one of his special rewards.  He’s so good.  I love that guy so much.

Now I’m watching TV and keeping an eye on the lowering sun in the windows of the building being constructed next door.

Back to work tomorrow.  More then.


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