So frustrated and angry right now.

And distracted.

Nothing specific set me off, really.  I had very few plans for today, but what I’ve actually accomplished is so much less than whatI’d planned that I feel like it’s all been a big waste.

And I knocked the stupid towel rack off and can’t get it back on for the life of me.

And the struggle to get any of m computer-like objects to back up my phone is ridiculous.  But my phone is pretty much full, so what else can I do but keep trying?

Brody wants to go outside, so I’m cutting this short.  I have nothing to say today anyway.

Well, two things.  Small things.  One is that I saw Hudson’s nursery video while at the zoo yesterday.  It’s been a couple of years and it made my heart full.  Silly bear.

The other is that one of the baby robins I’ve been watching stood up this morning and stretched its wings.  They are getting so big!  So sweet!

Okay, this puppy I love really wants to go out, and the sun is back, so I shall certainly oblige.

More tomorrow.

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