Sleepy Babble

Know what’s awesome?


I was so thirsty earlier and didn’t quite realize it until I had some water.  Chugged it, really.  So refreshing and delicious.  Good grief.


It’s Monday evening, and the final day of our long weekend.  I’m watching TV, backing up my phone, and making lunches for the next two days at work.  Normally the idea of going to work tomorrow would be depressing as hell, but I a, only working two days this week, and am off starting Thursday for the first of my booked vacation long weekends.  So there’s that.

Also, I was so busy this weekend, that I actually got very little done.  I mean, I got different things done, just nothing that I would normally do on a weekend in terms of my daily life.  Got Brody groomed, got my MRI done, noticed even more wildflower sprouts coming up, went for brunch today with the girls. Picked up a couch that was given to me.  It’s from Brody’s first family, so it smells of his people, and even more so his dog.  He pretty much lost his mind with all the smells and seeing his Mamma Kristi again – without having to go to the groomer.  He and the cats seem pretty pleased with their new couch, too.

My girl Lizzard can’t go to the zoo with me on Thursday as planned, so we have to postpone until another opportunity comes up, but it will.  Hopefully soon, even!  I am planning on going on my own, though now it’s possibly supposed to rain, but we’ll see.  Rain would mean fewer people, at least.

Sigh.  People are setting off fireworks.  The animals and I are unimpressed.  The wildlife is not happy either.  One bird started screaming right after the first pop.  People.  I just don’t like ’em.

I guess it’s time to have some chips.

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