Writing Exercises

I don’t feel like talking much today, so I thought I’d try a quick writing exercise. The first five are actually books I’ve written, though they are in various stages of completion. As such, number three’s title is still a work in progress. It’s more there as a placeholder for the book itself. Title six is what I would call my autobiography. Titles seven and eight have been on my mind for a long time now, and nine would probably work better as a comic strip, but the last one will really require some actual thought. I realize that most of them are technically a cheat, so maybe I’ll write more after, or do another little exercise, as well. Anyway…

Write 10 potential book titles of books you’d like to write.”

  1. Carving The Light
  2. Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads
  3. The Ellie Skye Chronicles
  4. Suffer The Fury
  5. Sometimes I See Hearts
  6. Great Idea; Poor Execution
  7. Downward God
  8. Downtown Abbie
  9. The Misadventures of Brody Graham
  10. Ramblings of a Wasted Heart

Okay, all but two of them are cheats. Well, maybe three, but really only numbers 7 and 8 are legit titles I wish I could use for something I’ve written. The titles of my actual books usually come from something that happens in the story, or some line of text. Ebon Black is a play on Snow White, and Ellie Skye doesn’t officially have a title yet, so it could end up being completely different. The last two I just threw in because I needed two more titles. I almost went with “Never A Bridesmaid” but felt it sounded too romance-y.

I’m not good at thinking up titles without having a story for them. When I do come up with the title first, it’s so far pretty much impossible for me to come up with a decent story idea to go along with it. Sort of like these blog posts. I usually throw in some kind of cohesive title last, because what I think I am writing about usually changes before I get to the end.

I don’t really understand things today, I don’t think. Feeling hella disconnected and…frenetic. I just Googled ‘frenetic’ to make sure I had the right word for how I’m feeling today. It’s close enough.

Part of a dream I had last night involved trying to tell someone something, but being constantly interrupted – partly from other things going on around us, and partly because the other person was just distracted and not really listening. Which was weird, because I am pretty sure she’d asked me a question and I was trying to answer it. Anyway, it was frustrating, and the sense of too much happening at once has continued into the day.

Let’s try another exercise, this one different from the last, but hopefully quicker:

  1. Who is coming round the corner?

    An elderly gentleman, wearing the requisite button-up argyle cardigan over a striped shirt and tan trousers. A beat-up old bowler hat rests upon his balding head, wisps of white hair poking out from underneath. He is alone, and slightly stooped, yet walks with purpose and intent. He’s going somewhere specific, his mind in both the past and the future at the same time.

  1. What is their secret?

    He’s met someone new, and is truly happy for the first time in his long life. He finally knows what real love is, even as it comes with the burden of guilt and shame he’s been taught since he was a child. The love of his life is a good decade younger than he is – and is another man.

  1. What are they carrying?

    Flowers. Every Sunday since his wife of 55 years passed away, he’s made the trek to the cemetery to lay fresh flowers at her grave, just as he’d done for her each week while she was alive. This week is no different on the surface, and yet – for him – it will never be the same again.


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