Taking Care

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, did not go as planned.  Consequently, neither did today.  But while my work day was less than great, my night ended up being pretty awesome.

I think seeing my therapist the day before relieved some of the pressure that had been building up inside.  And that really seemed to make a difference.  I was way less stressed than I have been lately, whether it was just two of us, or when we were joined by more later.  I had fun.

I drank far too much beer, and far too little water.  Don’t even care.  We stayed later than we ever have.  Didn’t even matter.

Well, it did a little this morning, but I’ve been pretty good today, too.

I slept in, did two loads of laundry, donated some books to the building’s “library” in the laundry room, got groceries…I’ve been taking it easy but still getting a lot done.  I feel like that’s different, too.  I can’t do everything, and that’s okay.  I got to spend almost the whole day with these critters I love, Brody is a really good laundry assistant (though not the best writing assistant – super distracting), and while I’m tired with lots to do tomorrow, I’m not burned out like I have been so often lately.

I guess, in this case, it’s good that things didn’t go as planned.  Or maybe it’s just good that I let them – that I was able to just be, and not feel the need to bottle everything up and try to make myself feel differently than I do.

In the meantime, I am tired enough that stringing words together is hard, so I’ll stop for now, and try again tomorrow.


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