All The Feels

Well, this has been quite a day so far, I have to say.  The weather has pretty much reflected all the changes with its snow, hail, rain, wind, and all the sunshine pouring down.  So many ups and downs piled into the 9+ hours I’ve been awake, and that doesn’t even include all the dreams.

I awoke this morning (the second time, after walking Brody and going back to bed) to find news of a friend’s sudden death.  Not a close friend, but one who was a big part of one of the biggest events of my life, and from what I saw on FB over the yea s since we met, he was one hell of a guy.  One of the good ones.  I can’t imagine the shock and devastation his family and close friends must be feeling today, and my heavy heart goes out to them.  The world is a darker place without you, Shawn.  Rest in peace now, friend.

I finally planted my Veseys wildflower seeds, and added some much needed soil to Patty Palm’s pot, as well.  We’ll see if I manage to grow anything.  I think I will get more seeds and soil, too, actually.  I’m not confident that I did it right this time, and either way, more flowers can’t hurt.

I cleaned the washroom, and took what was to be a long shower, but it was cut short by my building fire alarm going off.  It’s hella loud, and even though it only lasted a few minutes, it took longer to find my two black cats after.  They were scared.  I wasn’t that calm myself, on the inside.  I’ve always been afraid of fire in my space, and how best to care for the animals in such an event, but after losing Alysia to one, it’s hard not to panic some.  There were actually several emotions that went through me during and after the alarm went off.  I had to sit for a bit and get some energy back.

Brody and I went to PetValu and then around the block while there was little to no precipitation going on.  My nose was running, but he seemed super happy to be out.  I’d cut some of his face hair earlier and tried to get most of the gunk from under his eyes, and at least one couple passing us on the sidewalk noted aloud how cute he is.  Not even to me; just kind of amongst themselves.  It made me laugh.

I’d been keeping tabs on the Raptors game, too, including a long stop outside a sports bar to watch through the window while Brody sniffed a particularly interesting plant.  We got home in time to watch the 4th quarter on TV, because “keeping tabs” was no longer enough.  The boys were positioned to make history by moving into the next round for the franchise’s first time.  Damned if I was going to miss THAT!  After Lowry nailed that 3, I was on my feet in my living room while the crowd at the ACC and outside in Jurassic Park basically exploded.  The clock counted down the final seconds and I was in tears – for a lot of reasons, I gues, but in those moments, mostly just joy and pride for our Toronto Raptors.  Like everything else, they’ve had their ups and downs, but today, they came to play.  And it appears the refs let them, which is also good.

Now I’m trying Pepsi’s new ginger ale mixed with Sailor Jerry.  With luck, today will go out on that high note, because it’s good, and I’d like to ride that vibe into the coming night, if I could!

Besides, isn’t it enough that tomorrow is Monday?


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