Today was a bit different from my days off in recent weeks.  Everything has been so busy – and it still is – but I’ve been so focused on getting to yesterday, and giving my mom her present, that suddenly not having that to do meant that I could re-focus on other things.

And I did.

It’s weird because I kind of feel like I got nothing done, yet I know I’ve done quite a bit.  And either way, for the first time in a while, I’m okay with it.

I went back to sleep after taking the dog out in the morning, I had weird dreams, I made breakfast when I got up, and started watching stuff off my PVR.  I also fit in one of the Hot Docs screeners I’ve been sent.  Brody and I went for a longer walk because it wasn’t too hot out, but not remotely cold, either.  I got groceries, made lunches for the next three work days, washed the dishes and the cats’ water fountain, brushed Brody’s handsome hair, talked to my wonderful friend on the phone, reconnected with a few ideas I’ve been wanting to start into, and had a pretty amazing dinner.

It’s still light out but I am back in pj’s watching TV. I’m tired but not overly so, which is also different from recent weeks.  And thanks to my awesome little bro, I’m starting to research laptops, which is kinda fun, I must admit.

All in all, not a bad Sunday.


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