That Was Weird

I had kind of a strange night last night.

Actually, I guess some of it was probably overflow from Sunday, as well. I’d gone to a movie and had a bit of a weird moment before going home. Mostly, though, everything seemed to pile into last night.

There were some odd, vivid dreams I can’t remember. Or rather, I have leftover emotion from them but I don’t really know why.

I thought I heard a woman’s voice say my name when I was alone in the apartment.

There were other random sounds that I never figured out; things falling, and the like.

And the animals were insane, too. The cats kept bickering, which made Brody bark at them, and then he took a run at them one time and freaked them all out. Well, freaked Jack Bear out a lot, and Piper a little, but Flynn was in the other room, so she was okay. After I made sure no one was actually hurt or anything, Brody insisted I pick him up and hold him. Even when I was standing, he put his front paws on my legs and refused to get down. He needed some Momma Sue cuddles, apparently. Not for long – just a minute or so. But he’s never really done that before. Not while I’m on my feet, trying to cross a room.

They all made it hard to work on my super secret project, that’s for sure. But I still got some things accomplished.

Part of that, too, is likely due to the fact that I had 4 days off work in a row and therefore spent more tme with them than usual, then was back at work yesterday. All four little faces watched me leave from the front hall in the morning, and I think part of the chaos was just that they were happy I was back.

Not all of it, though. Not by a long shot.

At one point, around 2am, Brody leaped to his feet and ran into the livingroom, barking the whole time. I jumped out of bed and turned on a light to see what had gotten him so worked up (he’s the most chill dog ever, and rarely barks except at the cats when they are misbehaving), but I couldn’t figure that out, either. He just stood in the livingroom looking at me in the light, and after I made sure he was okay, we went back to bed. The commotion woke the cats, but eventually they settled back down, too.

I don’t know. There seemed to be a lot of upheaval, or something, but no discernable cause for most of it. And it wasn’t necessarily bad, exactly. Confusing and weird, but not in a way that left any residual bad feelings. I feel a little off today – to the point where I couldn’t think of anything else to write about because this is occupying most of my immediate thought – but it’s not exactly a negative sensation at all.

Instead, it feels more like I’m missing something.


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