So, I went to the zoo today.

Unfortunately, so did the rest of the human race, it seemed.  Apparently it was a PA day, and with the weather as gorgeous as it was, a billion stupid people and screaming children needed to shove themselves into my way.

Don’t they know who I am?  😜

Some parts of it were still great, of course.  It’s the zoo!  I saw most of the animals I wanted to see, but the only one I got to spend any real time with was Juno, and that was at the very start of my day.  Her mom, Aurora, put on an amazing show in the pool, too.  She cracks me up.

I also finally met young mister rhino calf, and visited with some sleepy-but-out-of-hibernation grizzly bears!  Yay spring!

Another highlight of sorts was the ever-important trip to the Zootique prior to leaving for the day.  I bought more on this trip than I think I ever have at one time.  A t-shirt, a stuffed rhino calf, a postcard, a magnet and a journal made from panda poo. (Thanks to Steve for the added discount and the attempt at reinventing math – haha)

So…sunshine, time with friends (both human and non-human), Zootique awesomeness, and the excitement of looking forward to it all, if more so before I actually got there. So tired and sore and grumpy now, though,expectation none of which is how I usually feel after a day at my favourite place.

But I realize that it’s not that the day didn’t go as I’d planned, or as I’d hoped.  What’s got me down is that it didn’t go as I’d expected, and that’s an entirely different thing.  I should stop doing that sometime.

I should also learn how to take a restful vacation instead of piling myself up with too many things to do.  So far, I definitely fail on both counts.


One thought on “Expectations”

  1. If it helps in even a small way: had you not been there yesterday, I would have gone home at about 10 a.m. and missed the day of sunshine and frisky animals. So, thanks for that, at least!


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