Daily Babble

Not really sure what I feel like talking about today, so I guess I’ll just babble.

My sense of smell is returning. I noticed it yesterday, and a bit more today. That’s mostly good, but when much of what I end up smelling is bad, I can’t say as I’m that thrilled about it. Still, smell helps keep me connected to the world around me, so overall it’s a good thing.

This is a short work week for me! I booked Thursday and Friday off to give myself a little more of a weekend. I have a lot to get done in that time, but one of the things I really need to do (as my lovely friend reminded me yesterday) is get some freaking rest. The weather is supposed to be awesome, so I’m hoping to get outside a lot, maybe get Brody and I going on some longer walks that we have of late. We could both use the exercise, after all!

How sweet would it be if my free wildflower seeds showed up in time for me to work on my balcony a bit during my time off, too? That just occurred to me now. It’d be good to have the time, though admittedly I do work better under deadline pressure. That is, I work under deadline pressure. I usually procrastinate otherwise! Haha

Even if they don’t get here in time, I suppose there’s no reason why I can’t still just pick up some supplies in anticipation. We’ll see.

Also will go meet young miss Lil Bub, and see the cat film screening, have to do laundry and such while I have time that’s less busy in the laundry room than weekends are. And have a ton of stuff still to watch off my PVR, so with any luck I’ll at least get caught up.

Maybe I’ll make myself a brunch of awesome one of those days, too. Just ’cause.

The main thing I have to work on next weekend, though, is my super secret project! My hope is to get it more or less finished, with time to tweak after before the actual deadline arrives.

See? Better under pressure!

I am excited with how it’s coming along, but I am also aware that there is still a ton of work to do on it, and my technology at home is far from great. I’m considering saving up to make a new computer my next big purchase, though there are cons and other events coming up that I want to partake in, as well, so we’ll see how long something like THAT takes me to save for! Maybe by back-to-school special time, I’ll be ready.

I’ve got to get more felting time in, too. My first major project test is nearly complete, and if it works out, I should be able to make a sellable one. And that would help with saving, if I can start selling more.

I wish I could afford to work even one day less each week at the day job, and spend more time creating and marketing and promoting. Or, even better, work one less hour each day. Get home sooner, so that I can do all the things I have to do, yet still have time and energy to do the things I want to do. My days off and vacation time is always taken up with those two things, and as a result, I don’t ever feel like I have a day off where I can just rest a bit more. Even the amount of time I spend reading is pathetically low. I’m just too tired all the time.

On the flip side, the fact that I am constantly getting sick now probably means my immune system is shot, which would mean that my MS meds are, in fact, doing their job.

So there’s that.

Also, I’m eating hickory sticks as “dessert” after my lunch. I love hickory sticks…and…pretty much all chips. I’m counting this as a reward for working day one of three.

Totally counts!


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