A Little More Yesterday, A Little Bit Today

Yesterday was kind of a busy day, but it was a pretty excellent day, all told.  Tattoo for my Kate the Kitten love in the morning, and into early afternoon.  Then a well-deserved brunch which ended up being crazy delicious to boot!  We stayed until just past 3pm, the only remaining patrons by that point, talking and laughing and possibly trying a pint of a beer I’d never had before.

After that, I jumped on a shuttle bus to head downtown for a post Blue Jays game party in the VIP area of the Real Sports bar, hosted by Laurier’s alumni members.  So.  Much.  Fun!

The comedy of errors in getting there, finding where to go, and then learning that we were able to bypass the hoards waiting to get in and just go on up to the VIP area on the upper level was awesome enough, but then seeing the crazy spread of free food and having our choice of any drinks on the bar menu to use our drink tickets on was…way way more than we’d been expecting.  And my friends and I had a table to ourselves for most of the evening, which was also amazing!  Hard to catch up over the loud music, but all in all, a pretty excellent event!

Today I’ve been taking it easy, just because I am insanely tired and burnt out.  Still.

Also because yesterday on its own was more than I’ve done, ate and drank in the past few weeks combined, so I thought I should perhaps take a bit of an actual day off.



My tattoo this morning, and it’s National Siblings Day, apparently:




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