Scattered Blog Post

Turns out I don’t have the picture I was thinking of to go with yesterday’s post, after all. Not that I could find, at least. That’s how crazy memories are, I guess. I found several photos I’d forgotten about, but not the one I was sure I had. Silly.

Man, I don’t even know what to say about today. I can’t think, can’t focus. Everything was going so well, and then it wasn’t and now I am grumpy and hungry and frustrated. Probably more stuff, but I’m too scattered to narrow it down to words right now.

So let’s see…couple of good things. It stopped raining, more or less, so Brody and I had a much better morning. Though I am crazy tired. Had some…great…dreams last night, but got woken up a couple of times by various animal antics, and took forever to fall asleep because my cough is dumb.

Am scheduled to get a new tattoo on Saturday, and am pretty excited about it. It’s just wee, and it’s in honour of my girl, Kate. Unless something goes awry with the design (which is entirely likely, because it’s me), it ought to be pretty sweet. I won’t count my love chickens before they are hatched, though, because I have a tendency of screwing everything up. It’s just my way.

Much to my surprise, I won two passes to Fan Expo this year – which is extra insane because I wasn’t sure I could afford to go, which would have made it the first one I’ve missed since 2005. But thanks to Simon Teen Canada’s recent Twitter contest, I’m now able to attend, after all! And from a book place? DOUBLE AMAZING, if not more! I still can’t believe I won. I never win. Almost never. So awesome!

Now I just have to figure out who I’m going to take with me! Haha

My weekend plans are a bit obscene, in that Saturday is wall-to-wall activity, but at least Sunday is free so far. I might be able to get some things done. Maaaybe even some more crafting? My PVR is is slightly healthier shape, but there’s still far too much to get through over one day, so at this point I am still hoping to get closer to being caught up. I’ve added Wynonna Earp, but still haven’t watched it nor The Path yet. I did see episode two of The Catch, though, and I still kinda love it. I also have two Hot Docs titles to watch and review (well, capsule review) before the festival begins at the end of the month. That probably won’t happen this weekend, though.

Next week is a short one for me work-wise, and then I get to go meet Lil Bub! And then a bit of extra time to work on my super secret project. To hopefully get it almost done, because my deadline is coming up fast now.

Oh! I totally got awesome mail last night! Aside from the fact that my first Firefly LootCrate Cargo Crate arrived on Monday, last night I got part of my brother’s birthday present, AND finally, my Curios & Conundrums package from Mysterious Package Company! Unfortunately, I did not have much time to explore either package very thoroughly, but I am very excited to do so…soon. Maybe even tonight! I just never have very much time after work, even when I go straight home.

Which, if the weather is decent, I won’t be doing tonight, because I really need to stop and pick up some food for Brody. But that’s something I am happy to do – just preferably not when it’s precipitating and the like.


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