Watching TV, petting the Brody puppy in my lap – difficult to type, especially when there’s not much I feel like saying.  Making some lunches to take to work for the next couple of days.    Finishing the last of my white chocolate Easter bunny from Laura Secord.

Nose is like a fawcet.  So gross and annoying.  And sore now.  Haha

Decided to go get some groceries, despite the fact that it’s cold out and I feel like ass.  I’ll have a parcel waiting for me to pick up after work to,or row, though, and I didn’t want to keep it waiting, so I got it over with today.

On my way back, I heard a rustling around the garbage/recycling/organically bins by my building.  I stopped to listen, heard it again.  I’d given a quick look in the organics bins this morning, just because it was so cold, and it’s getting to be the time of year when raccoons will be getting stuck in there again, yet logically I knew it’s still too early for that yet.  Still, I feel better after I check.

Anyway, I took a couple of steps toward the bins, trying to figure out where it was coming from.  At that moment, movement caught my eye, and I saw it.  A crafty little black squirrel popped it’s head out of a recycling bin and looked right at me.

I laughed, told it to be careful, and came inside to put my groceries away.


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