Not My Day

I’m having one of those days where precious little is going my way.  It’s not just that things don’t go as planned – that’s life.  But some days, things just go wrong.  Every decision seems to have the opposite of the desired outcome.

And I’m getting sick again.  Seems like it’s at least once a month lately.  Ridiculous.

However, I much prefer having a cold to, say, not being able to walk, so I’ll take it.  Like I have a choice, but still.

That being said, I do love spending time at home with these critters.  Gives me a chance to get through more stuff on my PVR and maybe even do a little felting, but only if I feel a little less drained.  Maybe I’ll eat something first.

Anyway, even when things don’t go my way, they still go.  I got more blood tests done today, at the request of my neurologist, who didn’t like something he saw in the last round.  But Imwent to a movie last night, and didn’t have any alcohol after at all, nor  have I had any all week, so really, the results should be much more to his liking this time.  I also bought a book that a friend I haven’t met in person wrote, and started reading it while I waited for my number to come up. Got a good four or five chapters in before I was rudely interrupted by doing what I’d gone there for!

Speaking of movies, I loved seeing Zootopia last night.  It was the perfect way to end a long week, and it was only a few minutes in when I realized that the adults were enjoying it even more than the kids in the audience.  I knew that was a good sign.  By the end I already wanted to watch it again, just to catch more of the little details I missed the first time through.

Brody and I have been out a few times, and while it’s colder than I’d like (more because I am sick than because it’s actually cold), I do like seeing the sunshine.  And we went to the pet store to stock up on doggie and kitty cat supplies, and his favourite staff member was working so he got plenty of treats and attention.  He was a happy boy!

Then we got home and he curled up in my lap for awhile, which made me a happy Momma Sue.

Now I should go get something to eat.  I had some waffles this morning, but that was a long time ago.  Now it’s time for soup.  The whole can.  Right outta the pot.

I’m classy like that.


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