Day Off

I was half-planning on going to the zoo today.  I was in the mood for some extra animal therapy, and there are so many babies growing in leaps and bounds in between my visits.  I even got up earlier than necessary for a legit day off, especially one I’ve been clawing through the past couple of weeks just to go to.  Right up until I was eating breakfast, I was planning the steps I would take to get to the zoo, even just for a few hours.  I was going to have a hot dog for lunch, maybe.

But the weather is still kind of ass, and while I’m not sure when I’ll have the chance to get out there, it occurred to me that I’d struggled so hard to get to this long weekend – burned myself out nicely, made notes for all the things I’ve been needing time to work on.  Now it’s finally here, and the first thing I thought I’d do with it was go out and do other things, instead.  In other words, I almost did what I always do, instead of sticking to getting done the things I need to do.

So I stayed home.  And got quite a lot done, without feeling like I was pushing myself much.  I got two loads of laundry done and mostly put away (I hate that part).  I worked on my super secret project a little.  I’ve been watching things off my PVR pretty much all day, off and on.  I took Brody for a walk, but it got cut short because it was assier than I’d anticipated.  I got some batteries charged.  Did at least one other thing that I can’t remember now because I am writing while distracted by TV.

Cuddled with the critters who live with me.

Had grilled cheese with blueberries on the side for lunch.

Will soon go get r day to go out for Friday night date night with the girls.  And will hopefully not stay out TOO late, because I really want to feel up for our brunch plan tomorrow!   I haven’t felted in a couple of days, but I think I shall be back to it tomorrow, too.  It takes longer to recover spent energy these days.  Sometimes just taking it easy is the key.

I was thinking…if I were to steal something, and then, when charged, insist that it had been a gift, I wouldn’t have to prove that it had been a gift.  My accusers would have to prove it wasn’t.

I spend so much time thinking, wondering, questioning.  More than most, maybe, because I am alone with my brain so much.  Always more questions than answers.  So much to say, and nothing to say.

So much coming up!  How do I get enough rest, balanced with everything I need/want to work on – and still have enough left over to do all the things coming my way in the near future?

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