On White Chocolate Bunnies

I think, in some ways, Easter is one of my favourite holidays.  I know, weird, right?  I mean, when asked, I almost invariably say Halloween is my true favourite.  And that’s probably still true.  Somewhere inside me, that side of me likely still exists.  But the fact that I do nothing to acknowledge or celebrate that time of year anymore makes the part of me that loves it kinda sad.

With Easter, as an adult, I do nothing to celebrate or acknowledge it, either, but with Easter, that’s kinda the whole reason why I like it.

Most holidays come with a certain amount of pressure and stress…from society, friends, family, finances – there are always expectations to be met.  On the flip side, sometimes you wish you could meet those expectations, or had people around you to meet them with.  The Christmas season alone can be depressing as hell.  Somewhat ironically, now that I think about it.

But while I grew up with church services and egg hunts and the like, as an adult, Easter has become the kind of non-event that I can get behind.  A long weekend, and one with no real added stress or responsibility required.  No expectations, no pressure.  I get a couple of days to just…do whatever I want, as much or as little of it.

Within reason, of course.  But there’s always more to do than time to do it, so Easter has become a welcome respite.  It allows a little bit of extra time.  Time to sleep, time to hang with critters and watch TV.  Time to clean and organize, time to craft or write or plan.  Time to think or not think.  Time to just be.

And seeing Easter stuff in stores doesn’t stress me out or make me feel sad.

Quite the opposite, in fact.  Except for the desire to buy all the cute stuffed toys, or eat all the chocolate-y goodness, there is very little decision-making or sacrifice involved.

Also somewhat ironic, now that I think about it.

One year when I was little, I awoke on Easter Sunday to find a white chocolate bunny on my bed next to me.  I’m not sure I’d ever tried white chocolate before, but that year, it became my new favourite thing.  It was different, and in my mind for many years, white chocolate became intrinsically tied to Easter.

My favourite thing was linked to this one time of year.

For I don’t even know how long after, I always asked for a white chocolate bunny.  Even after I discovered creme eggs and OMG mini eggs, Easter just wasn’t Easter without a white chocolate bunny.  I have even been known to buy myself one on occasion…though sometimes on the day-after chocolate sale day, instead.  Getting one for myself isn’t quite the same as the surprise (or surprise-ish) occasions when my mom provided them for me, but still good.

Even though I can get white chocolate any time of year.  And even though I still have real difficulty eating things with eyes and faces.  Or cute things at all.

But for white chocolate bunnies, I find a way to get though the struggle.

I think ideally, I’d love a tradition of chocolate and brunch out somewhere, separated by days off.  So I’d like Monday/chocolate sale day off, too.

Or maybe this year, I’ll do my own make-shift version of having brunch at home…and probably skipping chocolate but adding some kind of less-fattening treat. We’ll see.

The point is, I’ll be able to do more less whatever I want to, instead of trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do.

I look forward to that, even without the white chocolate bunny.

Does anyone else’s favourite holidays revolve around candy?


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