Day Trip

Okay, sorry guys, but I am super distracted and tired from a long-yet-awesome day.  I don’t really feel like writing, but a post a day is the goal, and I am not willing to give up on that just yet!  It’s still only February, after all!

So, I shall talk a bit about my day.  It was not at all what I’d had planned earlier in the week – and I had a pretty huge week, actually – but I’m glad it happened the way it did.  I got up at OMG it’s early o’clock and was lucky to have a lovely friend pick me up and drive me down to Union Station so I could catch the first bus to Barrie.  There I was met by my brother, nephew and niece, and we made our way to Collingwood from there.  The goal – one of them – was to surprise our mom and then all go to lunch together.  After that, the other main goal of bringing my hope chest back to Toronto and get it out of mom/bro’s basement would also be fulfilled.

Mom was definitely surprised.  😀

My brother has been wanting to get me to The Smoke for a meal for…ages, it seems.  I’m rarely n Collingwood, so I guess it just hasn’t ever worked out that I could go.

Guys – totally worth the wait!

I can’t even…I ate until it hurt.  That’s how good it was.  So freaking full after!

Also, there’s a reserved sign specifically for my brother and family, and my brother came out with one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard!  I shan’t repeat it here, but I did add it as a note to my phone for future hilarity memories.

Back at Mom/bro’s, my mom was showing me a few things she’s come across recently.  Among them was an old, handmade journal.  Like, 1800’s, sewn together at the spine kind of old.  Super neat old school scrawl, with notes and verses and the like inside.  Addresses, including one to someone in Whitby, near Toronto, UPPER CANADA, North America!  From when Canada was divided between Upper and Lower!  Whaaaat?!

Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever held in my hands.  It belonged to my great-great-great-great-grandfather.  Whoa.

We got my big wooden box loaded up and began our trek to Toronto.  We stopped for a loo break and so my mom and I could break all the rules at an automated sketching machine by cramming the both of us into a caricature built for one.

Probably the worst sketch ever.  I was still laughing so hard at it when I got to the loo that I had to pause and blow my nose a few times!

Now I’m home, ate the rest of my lunch for dinner, having a beer and watching TV whilst I write this.  Brody wants to go out now, though, so I think I should go spend some time with him.

Post a day – so far, so good.

Note: Feb 20, 2012 was the day I met Hudson the polar bear cub in person for the first time.


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