Meandering Mind

I had such high hopes for all the things I would get done today.  But while I didn’t get them all done, I actually did accomplish a boat-load of it…and yet I feel disappointed.  Or distracted.  Or maybe just tired.

I’ve been putting off writing a post today because I have no idea what I want to talk about.  Perhaps I just don’t feel like talking.  But I promised myself a post a day – I’m just glad I didn’t promise each one had to be good!

This past week has been interesting, for lack of a better word.  Yesterday was payday, and I am fairly proud that I made it to another one without completely running out of cash.  I was a little worried for a bit there!  But I have some pretty wonderful friends looking out for me.

Work got chaotic as we were crazy short-staffed for Thursday and Friday, yet admittedly I kind of liked it.  Well, part of it.  I liked the challenge, I liked the teamwork.  I liked how much we pulled off and the things we sorted out ourselves.  I didn’t like all the interference from those who didn’t have any real idea of what we were dealing with.  I feel like a lot of time was wasted explaining instead of being allowed to just do.  I’m used to that – though it still makes me crazy.

I had some interesting conversations with a few different people – some about potential big changes coming up, some just much needed talks with good friends.  Those two types of conversation  were not mutually exclusive, either.  Which is all very vague, but I’m not in a position to express any more than that right now, or maybe ever.  Sorry!

I subscribed to my first Loot Crate theme, but I’m not sure how long I will realistically be able to afford it.  Or rather, I’m not sure how long I’ll consider it the better choice when compared to other things I want or need.  We’ll see, though.

I paid all my bills for the month, and made a list of regular expenses I have – subscriptions and other recurring fees that are easy to forget about sometimes.  I feel like having that list handy will help me get a better idea of what my finances look like each month, and from there I can figure out if and when things need to be dropped, and other similar choices made.

There is SO MUCH excitement at the zoo these days!  I want to be a part of it all, but can’t afford some things.  It’s mostly fine, though, because just being there is the most important part to me.  Anything else is just a bonus extra.  It’s crazy exciting, regardless!

I find I’ve been flipping back and forth between feeling pretty good, and feeling overwhelmed.  Harder to deal with when it’s all mostly in my head, though.  I feel like I got a few little boosts this week, though, and it tipped the scales away from the overwhelmed side enough for me to focus better, despite my ongoing fatigue.  It was a small difference, but a crucial one.

Now tomorrow is Sunday, and already I feel that tug of panic, knowing that the weekend is nearly over, especially when I consider my impressive list of things to accomplish during the day.  But at the same time, I’m kind of excited to see how much of it I get done, because while there will always be more to work to do, the sense of accomplishment that comes with each victory – big or small – gives me the energy to hope for another possibly better tomorrow! 😜



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