Sleepy Wired Mind Day

Okay guys, I can’t figure out what I feel like writing about today, and I am so tired and hungry right now I can’t see straight, let alone think, so I’m just going to babble while I heat up and eat my lunch.



First, and update on my post from yesterday about my now-broken Guinness World Record. It’s funny, because part of me agrees that I should at least suggest to GWR that perhaps a separate category should be created for teams that work in shifts to break the record, versus individuals or small groups who participate in the entire event. There are channels streaming live and uninterrupted for, like, years, and I don’t know if that should be setting the bar for an event like ours, during which the on-camera participants were awake and involved the entire time.

On the other hand, though, Tim and I have taken it on in our minds as a bit of a challenge! Haha

We were on the streetcar going home from work last night, and were joking about doing an attempt for a week to beat the existing record. We joked about how to fill the time, even with all of the channel involved in shifts the whole time. Then I made a suggestion that was intended as a joke, but the moment it was out of my mouth, we both looked at each other and said, “Actually…that’s not a bad idea!”

Suddenly it went from something funny to something potentially unbelieveable – and our minds kept turning over ideas long after we parted ways! I guess that’s why it’s still nibbling at my mind even now as I eat and try to come up with other things to talk about today. But it’s different from yesterday, even, because now I suddenly have this list of related ideas that I actually want to freaking try! I won’t go into details right now because it’s too vague and I of course don’t want some random stranger reading my blog to steal my awesome ideas and preemptively gain my former future glory! Haha

Anyway. Obviously no plans yet, nor have we talked to Smithee or considered other potential teammates to make it a reality, but the wheels are definitely turning. Again. Good grief.

Also, on the subway this morning (remember I am extra tired today for some reason), I got it into my head to start a comic strip – called Downtown Abby.

I have no idea what it would be about. I just thought the title was funny.

I’m good at thinking of great titles but I don’t have the content ideas to live up to them. Like Downward God. That was another one I don’t … actually I might have just stumbled on a potential idea for Downtown Abby.

My brain, man!

What else? Still getting my butt kicked at work. Still stressing about money, and yet considering trying to afford a subscription to something nerdy cool, and probably putting a small yet awesome pre-order purchase on my credit card as soon as I have a moment.  I also had a lovely evening on Tuesday with some good friends I’ve not seen in awhile.  It was very much needed.  I think I’m fairly settled on my next tattoo, too, but more on that later.

And now I am well into one of Tim Horton’s choclate caramel donuts of sin that Generous George brought for me earlier and that I saved for dessert after eating my actual lunch! So good!

And filling.

So yeah…this was mostly about Guinness again, but it’s apparently the only exciting thing on my tired brain today.

Oh! Before I sign off and get back to work, I fidgeted with my settings yesterday and there should now be two ways to follow this blog! Both are at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. One is a Follow button I think is for WordPress users, and above that there is a spot where you can sign up for emails every time I post. Follow away, if you like! I’ll try to be extra interesting sometimes, to make up for days like today! 😉


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