The Done List

It’s kind of crazy sometimes, how much you can get done when you find a way to balance your focus.

I am less on my game today compared to yesterday, but still pretty impressive. Yesterday I managed to get a ton of invoicing done at work, and put up some Guinness World Record clips on Youtube (tagged and labelled, of course), organized the list of links, etc for that, posted an album on Facebook of pictures from my trip to the zoo over the weekend, wrote a blog post, edited my short story down to just over the maximum word count for the TO Star contest (so will take a bit more out when I have a chance to go over it), joined a team for one of the BBBS Bowling For Kids Sake charity events (and grabbed a few others to join us, as well), cut more clips of GWR footage to get posted, and watched the new X-Files episode as it aired. Along with all the usual things, like walking the dog, feeding everyone dinner, etc.

A lot of those things I did at once, and work was especially insane because I’d had Friday off, and there were a ton of backorders that needed to be pulled, transferred, and billed. Our computer system at work is still fairly new, so the time it takes to do anything also still comes with a bit of a learning curve.

It just basically feels like my brain was running on all cylinders, like, pretty much the entire time I was awake! haha

Today is not much different. I can’t actually tell if it’s the same, better, or worse, because my mind is spinning on several different things at once and I am finding it difficult to concentrate on writing this.

So maybe that makes it worse. I definitely don’t feel like my focus is quite as balanced as it was yesterday, but I am also eating now, so maybe that will help. We shall see!

In the meantime, I was thinking this morning about how much I managed to get done yesterday, and was kind of blown away by myself. Not exactly in a “gee, aren’t I impressive” kind of way, but in that feeling of – like, it’s stressful, trying to do so much at once, and do it all well. But it’s also kind of a rush. More after than during, but even when you’re in the middle of it, you can feel everything sort of working, and even though you don’t have time to make even a mental To Do list, you can feel your mind sort of checking things off, anyway. Maybe not so much a To Do list, as a DONE list. It’s like locking into the zone and not freaking out too much about what you still need to do, but rather acknowledging what you have already done, and moving on without dwelling on any of it.

Until the next morning, apparently, when you feel the need to write a quick blog post about your feelings with regard to said Done list.

I will need to think on this further at another time (lunch break is over), but I feel like this might be the kind of shift I need to adopt more regularly into my life – balancing my focus while multi-tasking, and perhaps getting more done during a given timeframe than I would by listing what I need To Do ahead of time, by instead noting what I’ve already Done.

The Done List! It definitely feels much better to consider than any To Do list, that’s for sure!


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