What If My Ideas Suck?

So, as I was leaving work yesterday, I thought of a pretty awesome invention. If it actually worked the way I think it will, pretty much everyone on the planet could make use of it. It’s a fairly simple concept, and could be done in many different ways to cater to individual tastes.

Then earlier today, I came up with an awesome variation on an already-existing product, which would also be pretty easy to create! Well, not for me – I’d at least need help. But still. The idea might have some merit.

There is also my theme bar, other handmade crafts, book ideas, film ideas, my other little non-money-maker side projects, some of which are secret, the raccoon rescue device I cobbled together from things I got at the dollar store…and on and on.

It’s weird to me that, as exhausted as I physically am these days, my brain is apparently really awake and rife with ideas and shiny notions.

If only I had the time or energy to really focus and make some of them – any of them – a reality!

I think I’ve pretty much always been like this. I get super excited about an idea in my head, but don’t have the ability (or time or whatever – there’s almost always some sort of road-block) to bring it to life. Even if I do, I can’t make it quite as amazing as I know it could have been.

Maybe I should publish a book that just gathers all of my crazy notions into one place. Or maybe I should include a section on this blog just for those kinds of thoughts. That could be pretty funny, actually. I could start with some of my kid ideas, like when I wanted to build a log cabin in the backyard to hang out in as the ultimate fort, or when I wanted to build a life-sized T-Rex that you powered by a bicycle moving it forward at the base, and a second person steering on an upper level. In the head, looking out through the eyes, naturally. I had a diagram drawn up for how it would work, and everything.

Or how I wanted a digital alarm clock that I could turn backwards as well as forward, for when the time changed. I think that’s already been invented, but DAMN IT, I wish I could have done it first! What else? I remember a board game or two I came up with…and there’s a vague memory of a complicated live adventure type of game that you had to go outside and play. That possibly took up a few blocks.

I have more book ideas than books written, but even with that, I’ve self-published two of them, and have two more written up into various stages of completion. Well, one is much closer than the other. The one that’s close has some extra content I need to create, and the other is really just a first draft. Then there’s the picture book. I’ve written a second draft of it, but it’s super short. Still not quite happy with it, but it’s getting there. Rhythm and rhyme is difficult sometimes! It’s great when it flows, but when it doesn’t, it’s not at all easy to force!

The two most recent ideas – the invention and the variation on an existing item – maybe it’s just because I’m tired, but I might actually look into doing something with those. Maybe. I’m still sort of attached to my theme bar idea, too, even though it seems kind of impossible to do sometimes.

But then there’s the day job, and the things I’ve already started that need to be worked on, especially since at least one of them is time-sensitive. And, you know, life. Walking the dog, feeding everyone, trying to sleep. All of it takes time.

And usually it’s hard to tell if, in reality, my idea sucks. What if my brain is like of those crazy inventor eccentric hoarder type people who spend their lives convinced of their own brilliance, but are crammed into a house filled with their failures, except for that one tiny nugget of something that could be something incredibly great, except it’s buried and forgotten under all the crap?

I don’t know. So much rattling around in my noggin lately. On top of some pretty odd yet vivid dreams.

Maybe those are some of the reasons why I’m so tired all the time.


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