Too Many Side Projects, Not Enough Side

It’s difficult to get anything done when you watch as much TV as I do.  A fair point, and one I’ll readily admit to.  I like my TV friends, though, and definitely require some downtime every day.  Some days more than others, but always as much as I can, because it just never seems to be enough, no matter what.

However, such downtime also gives my brain a chance to work on things while I’m not paying  attention, and the damned thing keeps coming  up with ideas.  Sometimes even ones that seem pretty good!

So, as I sit here watching stuff from my PVR, here’s a breakdown of some of the things I’m trying to work on these days:

  • this blog.  A post a day for a year is the intent/goal, so technically this counts as multi-tasking, right?
  • cut and post clips from 2014’s Guinness World Record attempt on the special YouTube channel I set up for it – and try to keep my poor old computer working long enough to get through it
  • work on setting up more interviews and other opportunities for The Mind Reels
  • continue processing rounds for the Reelie  Awards and work on how the actual awards show will go
  • finish crafting pitch to tun an unpublished novel into a TV series – for pitching practice
  • work on more crafts to sell through my Etsy shop, and promote the shop online
  • solve puzzles and mysteries contained in my first shipment from the Mysterious Package Company (okay, is one is more for fun)
  • make notes for possible children’s picture book I thought of this morning
  • work on a time-consuming yet awesome surprise for someone who may or may not read this, so I won’t say more here
  • get help making a sweet Halloween costume for Brody
  • send GWR codes to guests so they can order copies of the official Certificate of Participation, if they wish

And, you know, chores around the apartment, spend quality time with the critters I live with, go to the zoo, keep up with appointments, transfer more stuff from my iPhone to my Android phone, and nurse this stupid head/sinus cold so that it hopefully goes away quickly.

I should get started on some of that, but I also need to keep my PVR clear for new recordings. So maybe I’ll do a bit more work later.  Hopefully, my brain won’t come up with anything else before then!


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